Are Wine Clubs Worth It? – Texas Edition

 By Jonah Wilamowski  January 2, 2023

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The wineries of Texas are those you’ll soon be hearing alongside these. Texas is ground zero for a dynamic new wine scene, with wineries such as Barons Creek Vineyards at the forefront of the Texan artisanal wine movement.

BCV’s production of quality wines is moving with inertia set to rival the renowned wineries of California and beyond. Now more than ever is the time to discover these exciting, world-class wines – and the best way to do that is to join the Barons Creek Vineyards wine club.

You may be skeptical when considering the commitment of a wine club membership. Why join a wine club when the supermarket wine shelf seems more convenient?

The truth is a wine club is more convenient, economical, and inclusive of a host of benefits for lovers of wine. It’s perfect for both seasoned aficionados and those newly discovering their wine palate. Most don’t realize that wine clubs are the most advantageous route for enjoying artisanal wine, because they don’t fully know what a wine club is.

What is a Wine Club?

Wine clubs, also known as a wine club subscriptions, are subscriptions for a regular shipment of wine. Clubs can be entirely online, pulling wines from many wineries, or based in one winery. The frequency of the shipment depends on the winery. Some offer annual, quarterly, or even monthly offerings.

The number of bottles of wine you receive depends on the club. Some allow you to select a range, like a case or half a case, or have a set number you receive each month. Along with high-quality, artisanal wines, members receive additional benefits that supplement your tasting experience.

Why Should I Join a Wine Club?

A wine club membership gives you access to handcrafted selections of wine each year. At Barons Creek Vineyards, each vintage is painstakingly crafted. From the vineyard to the winery, to the cellar, to your glass, the utmost care is taken to preserve the unique flavor profile of the grapes for the purest expression in the glass. Each sip connects you not only to a sophisticated sensory experience but also to a sustainable vision for quality winemaking.

Along with a world of delicious wine, members also receive many other benefits like discounts, club events, and private or exclusive access to winery amenities.

Choosing local wineries: the doorway to the world of real winemaking

Though many online wine clubs offer selections of artisanal wine from a myriad of sources, the best way to experience a wine club is through a single winery. This allows you to deeply engage in that winery’s process of vinification and winery community, a learning process that constitutes a constant education in wine for a club member.

Wineries like Barons Creek make wine at a level the larger brands just can’t, or don’t care to. Though one bottle of club wine may be the cost of 2 or 3 of your grocery-store go-to, you receive quality in proportion to what you pay, and an unrepeatable experience each time. Each vintage of an artisanal wine is limited and unique – all the more reason to gain access to it before it’s gone.

Who Are Wine Clubs For?

Wine clubs are for everyone. Whether you’re a long-time connoisseur or a newly christened wine lover, the Barons Creek wine club is among the most accessible and premier for anyone considering membership.

This is because your average winery will give you wine, but not the level of attention or amenities that BCV offers. Let’s look at some of the specific reasons to join the BCV wine club:

Reasons to Join a Wine Club

The Benefits of a Wine Club Discount

On average, wine clubs get you 15-20% off the retail price of wine. Barons Creek club members receive the top end of that range at 20%-30% off all member purchases. Members also get access to limited-time discounts as well, such as on reserve wines, limited release specials, and exclusive winery events.

Gifting Wine – a Perk for Yourself and Others

Belonging to a wine club comes in handy for holiday or birthday gifts. Popping open a bottle of wine at home can transform a nice dinner into a romantic evening. Barons Creek Vineyards’ wine is a particularly good gift, as the wine is made to be both immediately drinkable as well as suitable for aging. This makes a bottle of BCV wine an especially elegant and timeless gift.

Additional Member Benefits: Wine and Beyond

Additional wine club benefits include access to exclusive wine release events, private tastings, and member-only discounts on wine, perfect for sharing with friends or hosting a night out.

Barons Creek offers the highest level of all of these to members. It also has unique features, such as multiple tasting locations and private villas available for a one-of-a-kind winery experience. Their full list of benefits provides more detail, alongside a picture gallery showcasing their beautiful tasting grounds.

Discovery & education through wine clubs

Wine clubs immerse members in the world of wine more than through occasional tastings – both at home and at the winery.

As a club member, world class wine is shipped directly to you, and you experience it in the theater of your own home. You also have the ability to visit the winery for its many tasting events, allowing you to encounter wine professionals and educators in an in-depth way.

Both sides of a membership connect you to a wine community in a deeper and more consistent manner, expanding your world of wine in a more fulsome way.

Wine Clubs Save You Time Through Delivery

Most people don’t have time to develop a sommelier-level knowledge of wine, but who doesn’t want  to pick great wine like a sommelier?

Barons Creek delivers right to your door, saving you the time of wandering the aisles hoping to make a good choice. Excellent wine comes to you every time, eliminating the struggle of choosing a great bottle and giving you back time to enjoy it.

Things to Consider When Joining a Wine Club

Shipping laws vary by state, but local wineries have you covered

If you’re living in Texas, a winery will have all the necessary permits for wine shipping ready to go, and the member will typically pay for the cost of shipping on each order.

Barons Creek has a unique wine-shipping membership offered through 46Brix. Instead of tacking on a shipping charge to each of your wine shipments, members pay a small annual fee, and 46Brix covers the cost of shipping for all BCV wine purchases of two bottles or more.

Besides the cost of shipping, you just need to ensure either you or someone else at least 21 years of age will be able to sign for the package when it arrives, per Texas law.

If you’re out of state, whether the Texas winery can ship to you depends on your state’s laws. Unfortunately, alcoholic beverage shipping laws are different from state to state. If you want to send wine to another state, most wineries will have a binder of US shipping laws on hand for reference.

Some wineries have tasting room locations available for pickup in-person as well. Baron’s Creek Vineyards is unique, with multiple locations available for in-person pickup in Fredericksburg, Georgetown, Granbury, and McKinney.

Choose a Winery with a Balance of Price and Quality

When choosing a club to join, consider how they price their membership. Typically wineries will charge you either yearly or quarterly, and you will receive shipments of wine periodically throughout the year. Some ask you to commit to a full year, while others only charge you when your wine ships. BCV ships wine quarterly, with a low cost of shipping already factored into the cost of membership.

The right wine club for you will have both wines that excite you with their quality and a price point to match.

Join Barons Creek Vineyards Wine Club Today

Wine is a luxury, but also a necessity – as the French say,’ wine is food,’ and is really meant to be at the heart of a meal, and daily life, an avenue of enjoyment.

Texas is at the forefront of the new American wine scene. Though up-and-coming, Texan wine is looking to rival the great wineries of California and beyond. As the word gets out, clubs will become even more exclusive – and pricey – over time. Now more than ever is the time to join, before joining becomes fighting for a spot!

A membership doesn’t have to break the bank to give you access to world-class wine, though. If you live in Texas, Barons Creek Vineyards is the prime example of a Texas wine club membership.

Barons Creek boasts a reasonable, mid-range price point and a select array of wines shipped quarterly. It has multiple locations, member discounts, reserve tastings, events, and even private villas with exclusive member access on their beautiful grounds.

Check out BCV’s wine club page for more details. Cheers!