Can I Get Wine Shipped to Texas?

 By Jonah Wilamowski  February 27, 2023

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You may not think about the shipping cost of wine when signing up for a wine club, but it’s a component of any wine purchase that could cost you significantly. 

On average, wine shipping costs range from $5.00 – $7.00 per bottle, with the average cost of shipping a case (12 bottles) around $72.00. On top of the cost of wine, club membership fees, and other charges, that’s a hefty investment, and is usually at the customer’s expense.

Few wineries compensate for this extra cost to a wine club membership; Barons Creek Vineyards is one of the few wineries to help members with this cost. Barons Creek wine club members get access to the 46Brix wine shipping membership, a unique program that covers the costof shipping for members via a small annual fee.

Basically, you only pay for the cost of shipping one case of wine a year, and 46Brix covers shipping on all your other orders of two or more bottles – with no limits to the number of wine orders your shipping membership applies to. You can view more details on 46Brix here.

Besides the cost of shipping wine in Texas, you may wonder if the law even allows for wine to be shipped to you in-state, out-of-state, or in places like the five Texas dry counties. Texas wine laws are notoriously complex, and understanding them begins with understanding a bit of history.

Prohibition’s Demise Birthed State Regulation of Alcohol

Where did all the complexity with alcohol shipping laws begin? After the end of Prohibition in 1933. Control of regulating the purchase and shipping of alcohol was given to the individual states – which is why alcohol laws vary so much state-to-state.

In Texas, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) regulates wine shipping laws. Texas’ wine shipping laws can be simplified to three industry levels, with each level required to adhere to the law and carry appropriate permits.

At the top are manufacturers, such as wineries and breweries, who produce alcoholic beverages. Then are distributors, or wholesalers. Distributors of alcohol either sell directly to consumers or to the third level, retailers, such as your local wine shop. Retailers can sell directly to consumers within their county.

Texas Wineries

TABC alcohol shipping laws apply to wineries as manufacturers of alcohol. As manufacturers, Texas wineries can legally ship directly to Texas customers. So, if you’re a Texan buying wine from a Texas winery, you’ll have no issues.

If you live out-of-state and want to buy from a Texas winery, you will be limited by your home state’s laws on whether you can receive shipped wine. Currently, Delaware, Utah, Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Mississippi, completely restrict Direct-to-consumer from wineries. Alaska, Minnesota, Florida, and Washington, D.C. allow shipping directly from wineries, with restrictions. All other states allow direct shipping from Texas wineries.

Out-Of-State Wineries

Currently, all direct shipments from out-of-state distributors and retailers to Texas consumers are prohibited. However, out-of-state wineriesand other producers of alcohol can ship directly to Texans with the appropriate permits, tax setup and licenses.

The 2-year out-of-state winery permit allows these wineries to sell to Texans, or to a Texas distributor or wine store. Depending on the winery, this may result in additional shipping-related costs for the customer.

Can Wine Be Shipped to Dry Counties?

Of the 254 counties in Texas, five counties (Borden, Hemphill, Kent, Roberts, and Throckmorton) are completely dry, meaning alcohol is not permitted to be sold.

However, wine can be shipped to customers in dry counties, since the transaction technically doesn’t happen within the county (usually, online – or physically at a winery outside the county). So if you’re in one of these famous five, don’t worry – wine can still be shipped to you under the same winery laws.

Barons Creek Vineyard Shipping

Where can we ship?

Barons Creek Vineyards can ship anywhere in Texas. For out-of-staters, Barons Creek can ship anywhere except the previously mentioned prohibited states: Delaware, Utah, Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Mississippi, which completely restrict direct-to-consumer shipping from any wineries.

We may be able to get to you in Alaska, Minnesota, Florida, and Washington, D.C., but there are some restrictions in place. Regardless, we’re happy to check for you, or host you for a tasting at one of our four TX locations.

How to get my Wine Club shipment


You can completely avoid shipping by convenient pickup up at any of our four TX locations – Granbury, McKinney, Georgetown, or Fredericksburg.

Besides the benefit of no shipping cost, a physical pickup allows you to enjoy the vibrant experience of world-class wine in a modern, yet historic, setting. At our flagship Fredericksburg location, we offer outdoor seating among our estate vineyards and various wine club amenities, including bespoke wine and food pairings and private villas for a unique wine country getaway.


Order from us, and you’ll receive your wine order within 1-3 business days. Just make sure yourself or someone else 21 years of age or older is at your shipping address to receive the shipment.

Alternatively, you can have your wine shipped to designated UPS access points for secure pickup. UPS Access points include: UPS Stores, CVS Pharmacy, and Michaels. To find a local UPS Access point, you can click here.


Baron’s Creek Vineyards has you covered with its novel 46Brix wine-shipping membership, a revolutionary program designed to cover wine shipping costs for its members.

Separate from your wine club membership, you pay a flat fee of $99.00 annually. 46Brix then pays for the cost of shipping on any order of two or more bottles – with no limit to the number of orders this applies to.

With this unique wine shipping membership, you save abundantly on wine shipping costs – and can buy more wine, instead of paying more for it to get to you.

The Bottom Line – Can I get Wine Shipped to me?

So, if you live within Texas, any Texas winery, like Barons Creek Vineyards, can ship to you. If you have an out-of-state winery you fancy, they might be able to ship to you – if they’re set up with Texas permits. You can’t buy wine directly from out-of-state distributors or retailers.

If you live outside of Texas, but want to try out the premier wine of Texas hill country, Barons Creek can ship to most states, save a few. Please contact us, and we’d be happy to check for you.