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Meet the Chases

Marc and Marta, along with their family, have been woven into the fabric of Fredericksburg, TX since 2005. What began as a love with the charm of this small town blossomed into a journey of entrepreneurship.

Their roots took hold in the fertile soil of their family ranch, where they nurtured a deep connection to the land and its people. Witnessing the town's gradual expansion over the years, they saw an opportunity to contribute to its growth while honoring its heritage.

In a bold move fueled by passion and determination, Marc and Marta embarked on a journey to realize their vision. In December of 2015, Barons Creek Vineyards emerged as a beacon of their commitment to Fredericksburg. With each passing year, their dedication to the vineyard deepened, culminating in their decision to devote their full attention to its success in 2018.

As the vines flourished, so did their ambition. Beyond the borders of Fredericksburg, the Chases saw potential in other small towns across Texas. In 2019, they unveiled their first wine room and tasting lounge in the heart of Georgetown's historic square, laying the foundation for expansion.

With a proven concept and unwavering resolve, they embarked on a journey of growth, opening doors in Granbury in 2020, McKinney in 2021, and Dallas-Bishop Arts in 2023. Each new location was a testament to their dedication to quality and their belief in the power of community.

Today, the Chase family remains steadfast in their commitment to nurturing and expanding their legacy. With each glass raised, they celebrate not only the fruits of their labor but also the bonds forged with clients aged 25 to 65, who share their passion for exceptional wine and the vibrant spirit of Texas.

Our Wine Makers

Meet D Russell Smith


Meet Chris West

Chris, a native of Plano, Texas, exudes charisma and versatility. Raised amidst a backdrop of diverse interests, he effortlessly navigated rebellion, music, and academia. Despite his magnetic charm, Chris refrained from alcohol until his twenty-first birthday, a testament to his steadfast principles.

Enlisting in the United States Navy, Chris embarked on a global journey that fueled his passion for science, particularly in explosives and chemistry. Stationed in California, he discovered a newfound love for winemaking amidst the vineyards of Paso Robles, igniting a career shift upon his military tenure's end.

Transitioning to academia, Chris earned a Bachelor of Science in Viticulture and Enology, refining his craft under industry luminaries' mentorship. His expertise flourished at esteemed wineries such as Stags Leap Wine Cellars and Morell Family Wines.

Returning to Texas after seventeen years, Chris joined Barons Creek Vineyards, infusing his wines with technical precision and artistic flair. Beyond winemaking, he finds solace in the company of friends, indulging in whiskey, cognac, and tabletop role-playing games. A voracious reader, he delves into fantasy fiction and historical accounts of warfare, seeking both inspiration and escapism.

Chris epitomizes passion, curiosity, and creativity in every endeavor, enriching his surroundings with diverse talents and unwavering dedication.